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Cecil Lyde - Stone Free (LP reissue, 180 gram vinyl)

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A1. More Love
A2. Money’s Funny
A3. Stone Free (Freak With Me)
A4. Funk Is Here To Stay
B1. Keep Dancin
B2. Is That The Way To Your Heart?
B3. Million Dollar Love
B4. I’m So Glad I Found Your Love

Dusty Groove record store: A sweet SoCal groover from Cecil Lyde – recorded in LA in the early 80s, with a great mix of funky club and mellow soul modes! Cecil's got a great ear for the grittier side of California funk at the time – tunes that still use the heavy bass and keyboards of mainstream work from the period, but which manages to make the grooves come out with a lot more punch, and a heck of a lot of feeling – a bit like some of the best indie club that was still coming out of the New York underground. The ballads are great too – with a spacier, more laidback feel that shows a warmer, more seductive side of Cecil's vocals – one that balances nicely with the bolder sound of the funk numbers, in a way that almost reminds us of Bootsy in the late 70s, but a lot less polished overall!.

REF.: 2017 Omaggio, cat# ∞002


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