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291out - Escape From The Arkana Galaxy (2xLP, gatefold sleeve)

17.00 / On Sale


A1. The Arkana Galaxy
B1. The Arkana Galaxy (Beatless)
C1. Escape From The Arkana Galaxy
D1. Criogenesys

Escape From The Arkana Galaxy is a Quadrimensional Space Opera, etched on double vinyl, wrapped in an exclusive packaging, with illustrations from Simone "Mega" Antonucci - divided into 4 movements, or dimensions, with wonderful rich sounds and visually charged suggestions, it tells the story of the recovery mission from the orbiting station Zeta-Luna, looking for the cargo ship 291out, run by the legendary Captain William Bones, helped by the Admiral Flyme, while they are lost in the mysterious Arkana Galaxy.

REF.: 2018 New Interplanetary Melodies, cat# NIM004