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Abyssy - Two Scorpios (12" EP)

10.00 / On Sale


A1. Two Scorpios
A2. Solenoid
B1. Young Soulomon
B2. Slomo Kid

The record opens up with the poisonous title-track "Two Scorpios" where sharp analogue leads lean on a relentless disco-funk groove, thrusting us out straight against the sweaty walls of the Chicago's Muzic Box. The airy and enchanting spirals of "Solenoid" create a detachment for a sonic trip through circling arpeggios and sparkles. On the flip side, we reconnect Abyssy to the "Young Soulomon" of early 90's by a warm and robotics dusty House. The mood turns definitely more freaky with "Slomo Kid". Sampling divertissement with a punkish flavour and emphatic rhythmics, it is the perfect tune to shake down the whole ball of wax.

REF.: 2017 New Interplanetary Melodies, cat# NIM002