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Alien Disco - In Flight Entertainment (2x12" reissue)

18.00 / On Sale


A1. Slide
A2. Traces
B1. Erecto
B2. Basics
C. Bleen
D1. Hi Grade
D2. In Flight Entertainment

Allen Saei, better known as Aubrey, is a unique DJ and record producer. This funny nickname came from the 80s British cartoon series where the main character had this red nose like him on the first day at the new school after moving from Portsmouth to Cowplain. Aubrey's career though is not funny at all since he is considered a pioneer of the global tech-house scene. Like a true rock star, it seems he lived a kind of troubled life across Europe, with a reputation that has made him very well respected in the US also, already in the mid-90s. He's always played the best clubs and festivals at the four corners of the world, produced some crucial records for labels such as Crayon, Ferox, Intelligence, and his own Solid Groove. He's recorded under a few different monikers, including Alien Disco which is also the name of the label he self-released this 2x12" on originally.

REF.: 2020 La Bella Di Notte, cat# LBDN-004