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Daughter & Sons - Sound Ecology (CD)

8.00 / On Sale


01. Klaus
02. Constance
03. Blondie
04. Alfo
05. Savana ft. Solò Diedhou
06. Amor
07. Sugar
08. Iris

Juno Records review: "Contemporary disco is an unpredictable beast, none more perfectly defined by this new album by Strictly Grooves' Daughters & Sons. Take opener "Klaus" for example, which starts as moody electroclash before dropping some piano house into the mix. Further on we encounter a diaspora of the kind of eclectic sounds favoured by fans of Richard Sen, HMD and Pete Herbert: the sweltering fly-buzz-dub of "Constance", the hypnotic Afro house of "Savana" the far out electro-funk of "Sugar" and "Blondie" the exquisite homage to Debbie Harry down the Paradise Garage".

REF.: 2013 Strictly Groove Recordings, cat# SGR-012CDu