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Fireplays - Allein (12" limited edition reissue)

14.00 / On Sale


A1. Allein (Original 7" Version)
A2. Hormone (Original 7” Version)
B1. Allein (Tiney’s Singlemann Replay)
B2. Hormone (Tom Bolas Extension)

Juno Records review: "We're not sure whether Daniele Baldelli championed Fireplays' "Allein" when it first dropped on 7" way back in 1982, but it's the sort of cosmic disco/cosmic rock fusion cut that fits his original Cosmic Club template. This reissue marks the track's first ever appearance on 12", with the bubbly original - all walking disco bass, fuzzy rock riffs, guttural German vocals and spiraling synthesizers - being joined by an extended "Singlemann Replay" from Tiney that's effectively the 12" extended version the original release never had. Also worth a listen is original B-side "Hormone", a muscular, tongue-in-cheek fusion of camp disco elements and Moroder style arpeggio bass. This too is given a cheery edit style extension, this time by Tom Bolas."

REF.: 2017 Disco Segreta, cat# DS M 005 LTD