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Gino Pavan - Magico (12" clear, limited edition reissue)

10.00 / On Sale


A. Magico
B1. La Terra Ed Il Seme
B2. Electrik Flower

Juno Records review: "Much like the plethora of Italian artists who were making electronic disco music in the early 1980s, Gino Pavan graced the scene with one, important record before disappearing into the shadows. Aside from the quality of the music, this mysticism is perhaps what is still so fascinating about the whole Italo disco movement, and it's easy to see why original copies of such records are near impossible to find these days. Luckily, Disco Segreta haven't cheated out and, instead, have reissued Pavan's sublime Magico EP in fine style. The lead tune is a timeless slice of disco power, full of gleaming synths, funky bass lines and, of course, that inimitable 'space-rock' kinda vibe. The flip ain't too shabby either, with the tribalistic percussion of "La Terra Ed Il Seme" blending ever so gracefully with a hoard of eerie organs and funked-out low-ends, followed by "Electrik Flower" and what is possibly the most future-facing tune made in 1980 - an ocean of bubbling synths and grainy drum machines makes for a total head-spinner. Highly recommended..."

REF.: 2016 Disco Segreta, cat# DS M 003 LTD