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Günter Schickert - Labyrinth (LP)

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A1. Morning
A2. Sieben
A3. Ninja Schwert
A4. HaHeHiHo
B1. Tsunami
B2. Oase
B3. Checkin'
B4. Palaver
B5. Morning (Slide)

Günter Schickert, four decades of cosmic explorations, under Berlin`s sky, above genres, and compromises. "Labyrinth" is his seventh album to date, the first to be released on vinyl format since 1983's "Kinder In Der Wildnis". Schickert's "Samtvogel" self-published first, then licensed to Brain, equaled the imaginative leap and sonic power of the early Pink Floyd, Manuel Gottsching's Inventions For Electric Guitar or A.R. & Machines's Die Grüne Reise. What followed, from his second LP "Überfällig" on Sky Records to his collaborations with Klaus Schulze, Jochen Arbeit and Schneider TM, even if little acclaimed, spans a large spectrum of music styles, always through a distinctive and personal aesthetic, that is deeply linked to the one he firstly crafted back in 1974, when Schickert pioneered the use of echo effects applied to guitar playing. And now "Labyrinth", a record that stands for versatility, where genres do not matter, soundscapes or life situations take over, song-writing emotions pop out, handing out a spectrum of surprises to the listener. You may find yourself flying low along steep cliffs and with a blink of eye you are thrown into a Middle Eastern scenery. The album is divided into two parts, two different production bulks and periods of Günther Schickert's life. Side A features a selection of tracks recorded in 1996, appearing on the 2012 album "HaHeHiHo", released via Pittsburgh based VCO Recordings, on a limited press of 100 units, tape format only. Side B contains material produced in the last decade. The intricate, bewildering "Tsunami" shows the multiinstrumental and recording abilities of Günter Schickert: a field-recorded storm with mesmerising powers, a peculiar progressive approach to guitar playing. Mysterious sinister spirits and sounds are emerging and the feeling of being lost!

REF.: 2018 Marmo Music, cat# Marmo-LP01