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Harmonious Thelonious - Petrolia (12" Mini Album)

14.00 / On Sale


A1. Disko Marak
A2. Just Playing
A3. Petrolia
B1. Nous n´ Avons Jamais
B2. Los Tres Diamantes
B3. Tig Tig Tig

Since 2008 Düsseldorf based producer and live wizard Stefan Schwander deeply concentrates on his always evolving electronic venture named Harmonious Thelonious. It besprinkles the world with fractional musical structures in the spirits of American minimal music, in order to immingle them with African rhythm patterns. Exceptional hypnotic opiates, enlarged with twisted harmonies and tricky rhythm archetypes. All heavy danceable! A record, who’s psychedelic energy fits perfect into the Marmo Music cosmos, a world where the progressiveness of the 70s continues to live in the current to disband all white bread musical norms for the energy of music without classes. Dancers of the world, unite!

REF.: 2018 Marmo Music, cat# Marmo-008