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Jiraffe - Out'A The Box (12" reissue)

8.00 / On Sale


A. Out'A The Box (Club Vocal Dub Mix)
B. Out'A The Box (Crazy Club Dub Mix)

So WOW... Jiraffe - Out'a the box. Well what can I say, when I first heard this record I just melted... On the first few bars and the tempo already was a fav, my ears pricked up and then woahhhhhh... That bass came in and oh god how that went through my whole body and shook me like a thunderstorm..those synths and percussion just left me floored... Probably one of the most cherished re-issues that you will buy... Don't know about Out'a the Box,... If you don't already own it, you will and it will be IN the box for a lifetime...

REF.: 2017 Omaggio, cat# ∞001