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Prana People - Prana People (LP 180 gram vinyl, reissue)

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A1. Pranian Man
A2. Disco-Mania
A3. Is Your Life A Party?
A4. Angels Say Flee
B1. Wishful Thinking
B2. Time, Weave Your Spell
B3. All Around My World
B4. Rainbow

Omaggio brings the heat once again with the reissue of Prana People, self-titled LP originally released in 1977 on Prelude. The Aleem brothers Taharqa and Tunde Ra (or Albert and Arthur) are Prana People and brought a perfect treasure of disco, funk, soul to make you want to dance from the funked-up "Is Your Life A Party" to that slow, head-nodding sexy groove of "Wishful Thinking" to proper hands in the air feel good disco of "Angels Say Flee" to the perfect strings and flawless soul of "All Around My World". The combination of the tracks and strong production make for an endlessly playable album, and with the legendary brothers, who since the '60s have their place in music history, this is an instant buy if not already owned to add to The Aleems discography of your collection.

REF.: 2018 Omaggio, cat# ∞005