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Salvatore Stallone - Ops! Wo Habe Ich Etwas Falsch Gemacht? (CD)

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01. Voice From Juno
02. Silvia's Element II
03. Where Is My Island
04. Slight Tension
05. Possibility Of Dialogue
06. Night In Oslo
07. One Night In Rome With Herbie
08. The Travel

"A jam session between Herbie Hancock and Larry Heard". This is how Christian Zingales, a very renowned italian journalist, described the album. Salvatore Stallone is a DJ since 1974, pioneer of the national club scene and idol in the "off parties" of Ibizan's circuit. In his debut album he flows all his incredible artistic background with the tropical charming deep house of "Voice From Juno" to a sort of downtempo build of broken rhythms combined into jazzy inserts of "Silvia 's Element II". The funk attitude of "Where Is My Island" and the renewing interest in the 4/4 revived by the warmth of the percussions of "Slight Tension". Salvatore Stallone loves to impress, and he succeeds with "Possibility Of Dialogue" armed of a talent as a composer which is absolutely clear. The same feeling is reflected in "Night In Oslo" 'till he derails into the beloved disco music of "One Night In Rome With Herbie" memories of typical Cerrone's extended mix, and then tipping into a sublime example of future jazz of "The Travel". The "question" in the album's title certainly does not refer to the contents of the record: everything here seems exquisitely perfect.

REF.: 2014 Strictly Groove Recordings, cat# SGR-013CD