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Salvatore Stallone - Pig's Dance (12" 180 gram vinyl)

8.00 / On Sale


A. Pig's Dance (original)
B. Pig's Dance (Rhythm Doctor remix)

Salvatore Stallone is in a very prolific period and with a career long forty years he proves to be still at the top, thanks to a brilliant talent and a super hard work in both productions and behind the consolle. "Pig's Dance" is his latest masterpiece. A jazzy exercise masterfully mixed with the typical house style. Pig's Dance is surely one of Salvatore Stallone's secret weapons in the 2014-2015 season. On the B side do we have the remix version by the likes of Rhythm Doctor, a visionary artist responsible for legendary parties such as "The 3A's", "The Dungeons", "Feel Real", "Mutant Disco", as well as being one of the first DJs in UK to have played house music in the mid 80s. A journey which reminds to the very early Orb's records.

REF.: 2014 Strictly Groove Recordings, cat# SGR-015