Sound On Sound - Macho/Depression (12" reissue)

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A. Macho
B. Depression

God bless the folk sitting in the Omaggio office, without them some people wouldn't be remembering this totem of New Wave by Sound On Sound, and others not be hearing it for the first time via this reissue. Cult sounds that can't help but define an entire decade, this is mid-80s on record in the most unabashed incarnation imaginable, and it's impossible not to fall head over heels from the word go. Restored by the highly regarded Peter Gillis, sound artist, composer, general legend of the Euro House scene, heads get two tracks of snare-topped, tom-heavy, disco-infused indie dancefloor material that could either soundtrack a movie's street scene (perhaps panning across rough and tumble pre-millennium New York) or the club sequence and do both equal justice. One for those who know what makes people move.

REF.: 2021 Omaggio, cat# ∞014