Sweetness - If We Will Take The Time (12" reissue)

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A. If We Will Take The Time
B. Can't Tell You Why

Written and produced by Richard Misseijer and Jos Soethout (RIP) the two original songs were performed by the Dutch disco trio Sweetness. Released in 1982 is the perfect embodiment of timeless soul-boogie, quickly becoming essential for Radio and the finest DJs and later one of the genre's rarest records. The producing duo was prominently featured on the cult imprint Rams Horn, set up as a fellow US importer of outputs such as Brunswick and Prelude. The official reissue remastered from the original source comes courtesy of Richard Misseijer himself on the baby bird Emilian-Neapolitan label Baba Records.

REF.: 2023 Babà Records, cat# BABA-001