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Tru West - The Rise & Fall Of The Eurojesters (12" EP)

10.00 / On Sale


A1. Tru Children
A2. Tru Children (Herva Cobra 90 Mix)
B1. Chasing The Loophole in a Relentless Spiral Of Self-indulgence
B2. Chasing The Loophole in a Relentless Spiral of Self-indulgence (Marcello Napoletano A.M.W. Edit 1 & 2)

Having already lamented "The Decline Of Western Civilization", the alarmingly prophetic Tru Westerners rise once more to lay waste to conventional musical structures and themes in their continuing quest for meaningful sonic abandon. The freewheeling collective have been busy on their own terms since their last group efforts, but they reconvene for "The Rise And Fall Of The Eurojesters" at a time when the external pressures of global politics, economics and environmental concerns point to an uncertain future. In the face of such ambiguity, the dogged experimentation of Tru West feels like a logical response, manifested here in two original pieces and some equally daring remixes and edits.

REF.: 2017 Marmo Music, cat# Marmo-006